(( ((( Phantom Sounds ))) ))

I worked as a public relations agent. I loved my work dearly. I especially liked being in the limelight often and the constant hustle and bustle it brought. However, because of mismanagement, our firm closed. I was left jobless and in shock. That was when my panic attacks began. It was a reaction to the sense of helplessness I felt about losing my job. It came in mild bouts until it reached an unmanageable level.

As advised by my doctor, I started taking benzodiazepines which totally relieved my panic attacks. When I stopped taking the drug, however, I began hearing ringing rounds. At first, the sound was barely audible except during times when I was alone. I ignored the noise, thinking that it would just go away on its own. Then I started hearing the ringing sound even when there was so much noise around me. That was when it became a total nuisance. I couldn’t sleep and think well. I desperately wanted it to stop.

I consulted my doctor again and found out that the ringing was a disorder called tinnitus. Since it was the first time I have ever heard of the condition, I was shocked to learn that almost thirty six million others – or one in five people – have it as well. The doctor said that rather than being a disease, tinnitus is a symptom of an underlying disease or condition, which in my case was benzodiazepine withdrawal that resulted from my choice to stop taking the said drug. I also learned that tinnitus is caused by a disruption in the function of either the ear or the brain. I was scared by this information. The doctor, in an attempt to allay my fears, told me that there is a tinnitus natural remedy and a lot of tinnitus control methods that I can opt for.

Please Make the Ringing Go Away )))

Because treating ear disorders was beyond the forte of my psychiatrist, she suggested that I go to an ear specialist. When I did, I was subjected to a series of examinations to determine the origin of the tinnitus and to rule out other causes so that a tinnitus natural remedy can be prescribed.

After the diagnostic evaluation, I was advised to wait for the ringing to abate, which according to him was only a matter of time. He also gave me some prescriptions for vitamins and suggested that I learn a tinnitus control method that involves talking myself out of the ringing - a technique called biofeedback, which I had already mastered because of my panic attacks. I tried his recommendation for six months and still nothing happened. I consulted him again after finishing twelve bottles of two types of vitamin and mineral supplements and after a series of desperate attempts to cope with the ringing, which did little to abate the phantom sound that seemed to worsen through time.

We discussed several treatment options ranging from the most complex - surgery - to the simplest, which involved more drugs. He tried to explain the pros and cons of each method, but my mind was racing. I was starting to get really scared. One surgical option involved the use of high doses of radiation. Another entailed the injection of Botulinum toxin, which causes paralysis. I have never been in an operating room and was not planning on being in one ever. Another option was to take maintenance drugs until the ringing stopped. I was dead against such methods since taking prescription medication was what got me the ringing in the first place. I went home to think of a solution but to no avail. I was silently screaming, “Will I ever find a cure for this annoying ringing?”

Heaven-Sent Tinnitus Natural Remedy through Tinnitus Control :-)

After several days of depression, which was quite ironic considering that I had just come from having anxiety attacks, I refused to let tinnitus pull me down. I was, after all, a PR agent known for my ability to turn a totally helpless situation into something positive. I worked on finding my own remedy. I read and sifted through a number of resources about tinnitus. In a way, I was sort of relieved that my tinnitus was caused by medication withdrawal instead of being a symptom of hearing loss.

I finally came across a proven homeopathic treatment called Tinnitus Control in one of the Internet sites. The product was among the very few natural remedies available. I was not a fan of homeopathy but have heard of the efficacy of its principle of like cures like. I thought to myself, “After several bottles of vitamins, what have I got to lose?” I just wanted to test the tinnitus natural remedy to see where that led. In any case, it was better than having to undergo surgery or electric stimulation treatments, all of which gave me goosebumps. I filled up the order form and chose the spray preparation; I was tired of taking supplements orally. To my amusement, my order came with a free second bottle. Little did I know that the free product was a sign that my luck was starting to turn around. After two weeks of using the product, the ringing started to decrease; and after more than a month, the ringing was barely audible except when the surroundings were peaceful.

After seeing results, I got curious of what makes the product work. I found out that the secret to its efficacy came from the all-natural ingredients it contained, which have been proven by century-old medicine to promote overall health of your ears. It works by supplying to the ears their needed nutrients which support cell and nerve function, thus, eliminating the ringing. It is easy to use and is applied by spraying the product twice in the area under your tongue. The only drawback to using the tinnitus natural remedy is that you have to wait a few days before receiving your order since it is only available though the Internet.